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  • Five day delivery and the holidays

    I have a lot of family and friends with birthdays this month and, I was just realizing that if the Five Day Delivery plan were already in effect, this would be one of those weekends when the mail would be delayed for three days of non –delivery instead of just one due to Veterans Day. And because more »

    2011 Holiday Shipping Dates for APOs/FPOs/DPOs

    September 30, 011 DMM Advisory Pricing — keeping you informed about the prices and mailing standards of the United States Postal Service  2011 Holiday Shipping Dates for APOs/FPOs/DPOs  With the holiday season fast approaching, we are reminding friends and families to mail early to ensure delivery of their holiday cards and packages to APO/FPO/DPO destination addresses by December 25. Deadlines more »

    Donahoe to succeed John E. Potter as Postmaster General

    Acting USPS Postmaster General John Potter announced his upcoming retirement back on Oct. 25.  Potter has been postmaster general since 2001, and has led the postal service through challenging times, starting with the anthrax scares immediately after 9/11 and continuing through today’s sluggish economic climate. Competition from electronic media intensified over the decade in which more »