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  • Too Much Monkey Business this Mail Music Monday?

    Last week was a holiday week but starting today, Mail Music Monday, it's back to business. That's right, even Chuck Berry doesn't approve of “Too Much Monkey Business.” But I don't think he'd mind if we rock out just a little bit to get the week started. So, put on your duck walking shoes or just do a little chair dance with me, won't you?

    I don't know why I was so surprised to see how many other artists covered this mail music song. It's got a great rock-a-billy beat and an every man message that lots of folks can relate to, “Never failed in the mail yet, come a rotten Bill!”

    I do wonder, though, how many of us still get our bills via snail mail? And how many of us remember pay phones — let alone when a call on one cost only a dime?

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