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  • Mail Music Monday takes a Labor Day “Holiday”

    Love Weezer and reading about this song, I think it has to do with Rivers Cuomo's influencers (Hmm, little red squiggly line under “influencers”. Didn't Klout make that into a real word? Oh, well, I digress).

    Many people get to take a little vacation on Labor Day. I do not get to take many vacations but I love getting postcards from my friends who do.

    I am always happy and impressed with myself when I find a song I really like, by a band I really like, that pertains to a current event and is appropriate for Mail Music Monday. I hope you love it as much as I that you will share it and if you have a favorite Mail Music tune or Weezer song, I'd love to see it in a comment. Hope you're having a Happy Labor Day and thanks for listening with us.

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