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  • Rest Assured, it’s Mail Music Monday

    Rest assured, we’ve got just the thing to get your week off to a rockin’ start. Heh, see what I did there?

    The Lemonheads have been around since 1986. Founded by Evan Dando and his school chums Ben Deily and Jesse Peretz. Wikipedia says that they played their first gig on Aug 19, 1986. But the band’s own website says the band wasn’t even formed until late winter of 1986. Still, this being August 19, I decided that this would be perfect for today’s Mail Music Monday.

    I like that the lyrics, “I notice my postcard in a pile” speak to the longevity of tangible mail. And I like that Gibby Haynes inspired and produced Evan Dando’s cover album, Varshons.

    Gibby is an interesting character who’s dad was the host of a local Dallas children’s show. The more you know about Gibby Haynes, the more interesting that last piece of information is. I would love if someone could find a mail music tune from one of Gibby’s bands. If you do, even if it’s NSFW, please send it to me.

    Also, if you're a regular follower of Mail Music Monday, thanks for starting your week with me.

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