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  • Mail Music Monday disagrees with Morrissey

    Man, I love rock. All kinds of rock. I especially like the kind of high energy, in your face, raw punk brandished by The Ramones. So here's a mail music song to get your week off to a rockin' start.

    To me, a song doesn't have to be so perfected that it becomes homogenized. It just needs to make you feel something. How can anyone not want to pogo when they hear The Ramones? I mean, seriously, what does it take to make you want to jump up and down?

    While researching this piece, I also learned (and how I never heard this before, I just don't know) about where The Ramones got their name. Extra points to you if you know the answer.

    A young Morrissey once called The Ramones a “band of degenerate no talents“. Really? What do you think? Do you agree with the 17 year old Morrissey or are you like me and think world of music is rocks that much harder for having The Ramones in it?


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