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  • Every Door Direct Mail is great for advertising 4th of July events.

    There's no better way to let people know about your local 4th of July sale or event, than with Every Door Direct Mail. You can use it to advertise to a geo-targeted area near your location. It doesn't require a mailing list, you don't have to buy a permit (although the USPS will provide an indicia to print on your mailpiece) and you don't have to enter it at a Bulk Mail Entry Unit. Not only that, but you can pay for the postage — which is really, really low — by check, cash or credit card, right there at the retail counter of the post office that will be delivering the mailing to your customers.

    Of course there are a few things the U.S. Postal Service does require and that is that you first apply for a CRID (Customer Registration Identification) number. Then you must prepare the mailing in bundles with facing slips that tell which bundle of how many and the carrier route it's going to be delivered to, and fill out a couple of other simple forms.

    Of course, if this seems a little too time consuming, you can always have us print and mail your announcement for you. We've been doing Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) since it was first introduced by the Post Office. It's only one of the many classes of mail we can prepare so that you can spend your time getting ready to welcome your customers to your great July 4th sale or event.


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