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  • Facebook Fail or ?


    Well, I'm still nursing my wounded ego after what happened the other day. It all started when I checked our Facebook page to see if my “National Cheeseburger Day” post went up okay. I used HootSuite to schedule it and it's been a little glitchy lately.

    I got all excited when I saw the notices rolling in for all the ‘likes' and even a few comments! Wow! I really wasn't all that happy with the post, but I couldn't find a picture of a mailman eating a cheeseburger so I went with what I could find.

    Imagine the way my face fell when I saw that the post getting all that attention wasn't mine at all! Or was it? Did I post this? The day before, I was working on a blog post about our “Data Nerd” ad. Did I accidentally post to our page's wall when I was looking at the pictures? That didn't seem possible, but if I didn't do it, who did?

    Then it hit me — the Data Nerd himself! Yes, that's who posted this and look, it's still getting ‘likes' and comments!

    So I confronted him. “Did you make a post on our Facebook page?” I asked. “Um, yeah” he says, a little on the defensive, “but it was an accident! I was trying to use the photo as my personal profile photo and couldn't get it to work so I decided to just post it on my wall — my personal wall. When I saw what happened, I was going to delete it but it already got a like and a comment.”

    So, at this point, maybe a little steam starts coming out of my ears, maybe not, but I had to hand it to him, his ‘happy accident' had struck a chord with people. I'm the one who usually posts to our social media pages and I  do put some thought into the things I post. I don't always put as much thought into them as I should because I also do many other things here at iPresort. First comes taking care of the customer's, then invoicing, then other bookkeeping, then this and then that and, unfortunately, social media posts are just barely above ‘filing' on my list of priorities. Hence the 2 foot tall pile of papers on my desk right now.

    At this point I've decided to do what any good marketing person would do and analyze what happened. I need to know what made his spur of the moment, ‘accidental' post more engaging than almost any of my ‘thought about' posts. Here's a list of things I'm looking at:

    1. Is it the timing – day of week and time of day?
    2. Is it because it's not just a photo but it's a photo of a face? Facebook loves faces.
    3. Is it because the ‘nerd' theme is making a comeback and Facebook loves nerds?
    4. Is it just luck? (yeah, I avoided the term ‘dumb luck' because the Data Nerd is also the boss.)
    5. Is it because we are both admins on the page but he's the main admin and Facebook likes him better?
    6. Is it the universe telling me to give up the social media posts until I file all the crap on my desk?

    I'll probably write another post about it once I've looked at (gulp) the data. I'll let you know what I find and maybe we can figure it out together? In the mean time, if you'd like to see the post that put this giant dent in my ego it's:




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    2 Responses to “Facebook Fail or ?”

    1. jeannie says:

      Whew! I really don’t think this picture was an accident! With all that ‘stuff’ you have to do, I think this is a bonafide picture of you — blowing your top!
      Love you!