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  • Coalition for Music Education Music Monday 2013


    The Coalition for Music Education's theme for the 2013 edition of Music Monday is, “Filling the Skies With Music.” The official song for the event was co-written by Col. Chris Hadfield and Bare Naked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson. It's called “Is Somebody Singing?” or, I.S.S. — like International Space Station. Clever, huh?

    The coolest part of all this is that it's a live stream event and school children and others, all over the world are encouraged to watch and sing along. For information on technical requirements to view the webcast, please follow this link: https://ustream.zendesk.com/entries/22546906-Tips-for-Best-Viewing-Experience-on-Ustream

    The official song does not mention mail, so I tried to find a good song that had a sky or star reference and a mail reference. My reasons for choosing this particular mail music song are many:

    1. It's one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite local bands, Fate Lions, from Fort Worth, TX.
    2. It”s called “Starsign” and today we can all take part in an event that is the result of the partnership of Coalition for Music Education, CBC Music and the Canadian Space Agency.
    3. I follow Col. Chris Hadfield on tumblr.com, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for an insider's view of what goes on in the International Space Station.
    4. I like the band, Bare Naked Ladies.
    5. Of course, the song also mentions mail — “drop it in a letter, send it airmail.”

    If you like our song or have another that you think would meet today's Mail Music Monday challenge, please let me know. Or if you take part in the sing-a-long, I would love to hear about your experience.

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