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  • Mail Music Monday does the Harlem Shake

    The Harlem Shake has jumped the shark. At least that's what I keep reading but what I keep seeing is video after video after video. So was its demise exaggerated?

    By now you have, no doubt, seen many versions and perhaps your company produced it's own version. There is even a reverse version. And this version does not quite follow the main version format exactly. At the beginning, the other employees should be ignoring that guy in the black leather but they just can't help snickering at their coworker in that get up.

    When I first set out to write this piece I had no idea if I would find a video that featured postal employees. I hoped that I would find U.S.P.S. postal workers giving it a go but no luck. Then I hit the jackpot! I never dreamed I would see the likes of this from employees of an organization that's name sounds as stodgy as ‘the Royal Mail.'

    Love it or hate it, tell me how you feel about the Harlem Shake? Seen enough? Can't get enough? Done your own version?

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