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  • Mail Music Monday after Sandy


    This Mail Music Monday song, by the Beastie Boys, is dedicated to some friends of ours who, fortunately, survived last week's Frankenstorm. They were here for a few days to celebrate another friends wedding and now they are back home preparing for another storm.

    New York City was not the only place hit by hurricane-turned-cyclone Sandy, but we think people in other cities ravaged by her 139 mile an hour gusts, raging rain and snow fall, will forgive us if we can't find a song for each of them that relates both to their cities' resilience and mail. We are hoping that they all can catch their breath and brace themselves for the nor'easter headed their way now.

    Here's a link to the FEMA page:  http://www.ready.gov/natural-disasters that provides information to help you prepare and stay safe after many types of disasters. If you have any other helpful tips, or know of ways that people can support those who have been affected by Superstorm Sandy, please share them in your comments.

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